25 Stories

Hannah – Sarajevo

“BiH must define herself by the diversity of all her citizens and be unshakably proud of it.”

Ahmo - Srebrenica

“If we don’t resolve the past, we have no future.”

Pavle – Brčko

“Revolutions have to start from your own garden.”

Dino - Mostar

“Ako mi se pruži prilika, mogu da naučim da radim sve.”

Irma – Banovići

“Mental health is totally neglected here.”

Vesna - Vitez

“Having different points of view makes for much more interesting conversation.”

Maja – Mostar

“Through hardships to the stars.”

Enna Zone – Maglaj

“I don’t see just the problems. I see the solutions.”

Mirza – Sarajevo

“I’m not powerless.”

Jelena – Brčko

“Set your own trends.”

Nataša – Teslić

“We need to change ourselves first.”

Velida - Podlugovi

“It begins with individual action. Through it, I believe we can initiate change in our home communities.”

Antonio - Mostar

“Risk short term to be happy long term.”

Asja – Sarajevo

“The future is in business, not politics.”

Aleksandar - Banja Luka

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only this that ever has.”

Šemsudin – Kalesija

“If I’d grown up elsewhere, I wouldn’t be the man I am.”

Ivana - Banja Luka

“We can all be community organizers…we all just need a little push. I want to be that push.”

Magdalena - Prijedor

Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. Proverbs 3:27

Božo - Trebinje

“Bosnia and Herzegovina’s reliance upon the international community needs to end.”

Hana – Sarajevo

“We have to fight for change.”

Alem – Sarajevo

“Next stop: A better future.”

Mirna - Stolac

“WWI ended. WWII ended. Yugoslavia ended and the most recent war ended. This period of time will also come to an end.”

Živan – Ugljevik

“It’s time to accept the truth, unite behind it, and leave future generations an opportunity to succeed.”

Nikolina - Banja Luka

“Sometimes we are given two options to choose from, and we are told that this choice is democracy, but what we really need is to demand new options.”

Stela - Banja Luka

“My friends tell me not to fight the wind, you cannot win. But I can try.”

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