“25 for 25”

Voices of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s Future

The U.S. Embassy in Sarajevo is proud to mark the occasion of the 25 th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Accords and the continued partnership between the United States and Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens. In recognition of this moment, two American photographers have collaborated to create “25 for 25”, an exhibition featuring 25 young adults who were born in 1995, the year in which peace was established. Through both images and words, the photographers have sought to present authentic depictions of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s young adult citizens. The exhibition provides an opportunity for each participant to share their perspective, providing insight into hopes, expectations, and challenges, not just for themselves, but for their country. These citizens are poised to take on leadership roles in the public and private sectors, shaping the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina while also representing the country’s exceptional promise to the global community. Their voices are, therefore, a powerful indicator of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s current socio-political and economic conditions and a valuable roadmap for the changes the country might experience in the upcoming years. It is a pleasure to introduce you to the “25 for 25” who have contributed to this exhibit. These individuals are just a small portion of an entire generation which has been raised since the Dayton Peace Accords. As part of the online exhibition, we are welcoming young adults who are connected to Bosnia and Herzegovina, either as residents or diaspora, to share their own stories with us. The intent is to create an interactive exhibit which aims for the inclusion of diverse perspectives that exist within Bosnia and Herzegovina’s community, both inside and outside of the country’s borders.


Caroline M. Wisler

Cat Norman Tahirović

25 Stories for
25 Years of Peace in BiH