Dino – Mostar

“Given the opportunity, I could learn how to do anything.”

I have worked at a local café bar since I graduated from high school. I enjoy my job; I appreciate the work and like being surrounded by my raja. I studied construction in high school and would like to find employment as a building technician. Unfortunately, there are not many job opportunities in Mostar, especially for someone who is not a member of a nationalist political party. In BiH, access to opportunities is not based on your qualifications and experience, but on who you know. It was because of this that I chose not to attend university. I do not believe a degree changes the reliance people have on a corrupt system for ensuring success. We all make choices. I choose not to be a part of the corruption that underpins our society.


Last year, I went to Germany for seasonal work which provided better income than is possible in Mostar. That was only temporary, but like many people my age, I would consider leaving BiH long-term if a job opportunity presented itself elsewhere. For the time being, my family and friends keep me rooted to Mostar. I am especially close to my twin sister, but even she has left Mostar to play on a professional handball team in Sarajevo. The poor economic situation and lack of gainful employment is a compelling reason to leave BiH.

At the root of these issues is the current system of governance, which I believe is leading the country to ruin. It is difficult to have expectations of political leaders who benefit from pervasive corruption. Maybe the situation could improve if we had stronger leadership which sought to unify people rather than promote division. Personally, I believe we are all the same. Though I may not feel I can accomplish much as an individual, I will go to the polls, vote, and hope for change in the upcoming election.  


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