Enna Zone – Maglaj

“I don’t see just the problems. I see the solutions.”

Just a few minutes with Enna Zone and you’ll be astounded by the breadth of her studies and the depth of her dreams. But take the time to hear her out, and you’ll discover that she is as she says: strong enough to have both feet on the ground and still make even her wildest dreams a reality. “My multidisciplinary studies are my way of following my dreams. Everything I do – each page read, each song listened to, each country visited, topic researched, speech written, and seminar organized – are stones of the castle that I will build in the end.” Enna Zone grew up in the foggy town of Maglaj, surrounded by a loving community that encouraged her to build the future she wanted. “My passion for knowledge pales next to my passion for solutions. I’m naturally preoccupied with different ideas and that drives me to reading and research. Once we can see all sides of an issue, we can find the real solutions.” Enna Zone reflects on the castle fortress from the Bosnian Kingdom adorning the hillside over the small city. “In order to think about the future, we need to evolve from our past. In our history, I’m inspired by the medieval period – especially Queen Catherine of Bosnia. She fought for her dreams and her country with all her knowledge, all her negotiation ability, and she never gave up. I believe that we too need to see ourselves as warriors for the future: Fight against the problems with all of your strength to find solutions. If you get to where you can’t fight anymore, at least inspire others to pick up where you left off and leave those foundations for the future generations.”

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