Pavle – Brčko

“Revolutions have to start from your own garden.”

“I had a grandma that lived in the countryside and I remember how I felt next to her – that happiness. She was shining all the time. She never gave me money – she didn’t have any – but she gave me love. And she told me stories about living on the land, from the land, and with the land. That planted a seed in my head that bloomed 20 years later.” Pavle is a physical therapist from Brčko who has pursued additional training in both osteopathy and permaculture. “As I’m getting older, I’m trying to take more time to sit and look at the whole picture and connect it with nature. For example, through permaculture, we learn what revolutions should look like: They start with your own consciousness and then your own garden.” Right now, Pavle is developing his skills both in his own backyard, a community garden for Brčko residents, and in a physical therapy practice in the city. He plans to move to the countryside with those skills to regain the connection to the land that the older generations in his family had. “I strongly try not to resonate with the mainstream because I feel that I don’t even want to fit in. Many young people don’t talk about lines that separate us from each other in our society, but it’s rooted deep on the subconscious level and it’s driving people away. At the end of the day, who needs to leave will leave. And who needs to stay will stay. I know I was born here for a reason and I’m going to stay and put my skills to use in this society. Healing starts from the heart. First mine, then yours.”

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